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Electrical and Mechanical
for buildings and facilities


Quality design, responsive delivery and client satisfaction are objectives for every project. Service, Quality, and Integrity are essential values. We strive to add value, not cost, and we apply the lessons learned and experience gained from over 30 years in business.

Sims-Durkin Associates Engineering Company Contacts:

Indy North Office: Erick Smith, PE, VP 317-224-1119
Indy North Office: Thomas H. Durkin, PE, VP 317-224-1143
Indy West (HQ) Office: Joseph W. Sims, PE 317-209-4035
Raleigh, NC Office: Allen D. Bracey, PE 984-232-8232
Human Resources Manager: Tom Stempson 317-405-9276
Business Manager: Sandra W. Sims 317-744-9683
General Manager: Joseph W. Sims, Pres. 317-209-4035

Sims-Durkin & Associates Engineering Company, Inc. • 1545 Country Club Road • Indianapolis, IN • 46234 
(317) 209-4035 [Phone] • (317) 222-4120 [Fax]