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Industrial Building

Industrial Building Under Construction

Electrical Equipment Upgrade

Electrical Equipment Upgrade,
University Building

Emergency Department Remodel

Emergency Department Remodel and Expansion, Regional Hospital

Suburban Town SBR Wastewater Treatment Plant

Suburban Town SBR Wastewater Treatment Plant

Rural Water Treatment Plant

Short Circuit and Coordination Study

Electrical Power System Short Circuit and Coordination Studies are prepared using SKM Captor and Dapper software.

Emergency Standby Power Generator

Emergency Standby Power Generator
Sims-Durkin & Associates Engineering Company provides electrical engineering services for engineers, architects, contractors, industrial, institutional, and commercial clients. These services include preparation of design drawings and specifications, drafting, reports and studies, cost estimates and construction observation.

Electrical engineering for buildings and facilities includes:

- Interior and Exterior Lighting
- Electrical Power Distribution
- Fire Alarm Systems
- Telecom and Data Networks
- Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning
- Domestic Water and Waste Plumbing
- Installation of Specialized Equipment
- Code Reviews and Studies
- Motor Controls
- Equipment Replacement
- Medium Voltage Electrical Power for On-Site Utilities
- Motor Control Centers
- Custom Control Panels
- Emergency Power Generator Systems
- Peak Shaving and Cogeneration
- SCADA Systems
- AutoCAD 2010 Drafting
- Cost Estimating
- Construction Administration Services
- As-Built Record Drafting
- SKM Short Circuit and Arc Flash Studies
- Cogeneration Feasibility Studies
- Energy Studies
- Local Area Network Consulting

Our electrical engineers have extensive experience in projects involving replacement of obsolete electrical equipment in existing buildings. These projects are always challenging because of limited mechanical room space and the need to keep the building occupied with a minimum of interruption.

Many projects involve remodel and expansion of existing facilities. Working with owners, facility managers, and other design team professionals, we provide electrical engineering of power, lighting, and communication systems for critical facilities.

Many consulting engineering firms provide power and lighting design, but are not experienced in instrumentation and control systems. J. W. Sims provides added value engineering for our civil engineering clients; electrical engineering for the instrumentation and control systems for water and wastewater facilities, in addition to the traditional power, lighting and motor controls.

WTP Custom Control Panel
Custom Instrumentation and Control Panel, Water Treatment Plant

Complex electrical power distribution systems incorporate adjustable electronic circuit breakers and electrical equipment specified for the available short circuit fault duty, arc flash considerations are becoming necessary for improving worker safety.

Short circuit and protective device coordination studies are used to determine the fault duty ratings of electrical equipment, the needed set points of adjustable devices, and the arc-flash energy present at various points of the electrical power system.

Emergency power systems are required for most healthcare and utility facilities, and typically consist of a standby rated diesel generator, one or more automatic transfer switches, and one or more electrical distribution branches. Generator systems can be quite complex for larger facilities.

Our experience includes a large 4MW generator installation for a large hospital facility. The system consists of two paralleled generators each rated 2000KW, 4160V, with roof mounted radiators and exhaust silencers, and 4160V switchgear. The generators provide standby emergency power and peak shaving power for a large urban hospital.

Diesel Generator

Diesel Generator, Hospital Facility