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Aerial View of Completed Solar Array

Utility Company Metering and Controls

AC Main Switchgear
Sims-Durkin & Assoc. participated in the design, construction, and testing of this solar photovoltaic project located at the Indianapolis International Airport (IAA).

The complete system is capable of generating 12.5 million watts of DC (direct-current) power or 10 million watts of AC (alternating-current) power.

Design duties for this job included: site layout of PV panels, AC power distribution work, ambient temperature cable de-rating calculations, instrument and controls, and arc flash and short circuit studies.

In 2012, at the time of its completion, this project was the largest solar array plant successfully constructed in the State of Indiana.

This project was the first of many alternative-energy solar projects located at IAA, other phases are currently under design.

Sims-Durkin & Assoc. worked in conjunction w/ Cenergy Power on this project. Cenergy Power has a long history of design-build engineering services on both the commercial and utility side of alternative energy solar power.

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Group Operated Air-Break Switch (GOAB)