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High Efficiency Furnace

High Efficiency Variable Speed Furnace,
Small Commercial Building
In cooperation with our consultants and associates, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning engineering services are provided for building design and renovation projects.

Almost every building project involves heating, ventilating, and air conditioning.  These systems can be basic, such as typically incorporated in a small commercial building, or complex such as the systems required for a full service hospital. Temperature control, humidity control, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency are important considerations for all HVAC applications. J.W. Sims and Associates has experience in a wide variety of project type, size and complexity.

Mechanical engineering for complex commercial buildings may involve providing for a mix of occupancies, such as office areas, show rooms, parts storage, and vehicle maintenance bays. Several critical mechanical systems may be involved such as paint booth ventilation, welding booth ventilation, vehicle engine exhaust removal systems and compressed air systems.

Boiler Replacement Project
Boiler Replacement Project, Elementary School