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Power quality is a rather broad term relating to many attributes of electricity other than outages that cause problems. Voltage dips (sags), harmonics, voltage flicker, high/low voltage, and stray voltage are some attributes that cause problems. We can help utility companies and their customers prevent problems and solve problems as they arise. Our engineers and consultants have experience analyzing and mitigating the following power quality problems:
Voltage Dip (sag) problems occur on both sides of the utility meter. Voltage dips are often confused with outages. They often arise from problems on utility lines many miles away from the affected equipment. We use invented voltage predictive sag analysis and equipment coordination techniques that are published in the IEEE Gold Book. Often simple solutions are available that may cost less than wholesale mitigation.
Harmonic analysis, mitigation, and prevention. Harmonics can cause nuisance fuse blowing, premature equipment failure, and power factor penalties. In extreme cases, harmonics at one factory can shut down production at adjacent factories, cause stray voltage problems, or even cause light flicker in entire cities. We can design hermoics attenuating Solutions.
Voltage flicker is a phenomenon where small, sudden changes in voltage cause corresponding changes in light output. This can become very annoying to people and cause complaints. Welding, arc furnaces, rock crushers, tankless water heaters, other fluctuating loads, and even harmonics can cause problems. We incorporate IEC and IEEE standard in our solutions.
Stray Voltage causes nuisance to painful shock sensations in people and animals. It arises from the preferred wiring and grounding practices of utilities and buildings in North America. In rare cases the voltage can be potentially lethal. People feel shock sensations while touching water pipes, building siding, metal boat docks, and other grounded objects. Cows, hogs, and other animals get shocks in milking parlors and water troughs. These problems are sometimes very difficult to diagnose.