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Aerial View of Constructed Wetlands

CSO Storage Transfer Pumps
Sims-Durkin & Assoc. performed electrical design and construction administration for the constructed wetlands combined sewer overflow (CSO) project for the town of Washington, Indiana.

Under normal weather circumstances, storm water run-off is directed to the 4 million gallon storage tank at the waste water treatment plant. In the event of a "10 year" storm event, excess overflow is directed to a 27 acre constructed wetland, for storage and treatment.

Electrical design work by Sims-Durkin & Assoc. included power distribution for pumps and motors, and low voltage control work including a full supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA).

This SCADA system allows the town of Washington to control the level of water in the wetlands, along with the duration of water storage.

Washington, IN currently has the largest constructed wetlands for CSO treatment in the United States, and was heralded as a success both financially and environmentally.

Sims-Durkin & Assoc. client for this project was Bernardin-Lochmueller & Associates.

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