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Central Plant Emergency Power System, Wishard Memorial Hospital
Indianapolis, Indiana

This completed project was the first of several phases of work implemented under separate construction contracts, comprising an almost complete upgrade of the emergency power system utility infrastructure serving Wishard Memorial Hospital.

Two 2,000 KW, 4,160 Volt prime power diesel engine generators, automatic paralleling switchgear and accessories were installed within the existing Service Building. 4,160V circuits distribute emergency power to various buildings of the hospital campus, where transformers step-down the voltage to 277/480V.

Switchboards, automatic transfer stitches, motor control centers, and panelboards distribute power within the buildings. Riser power busways with plug-in tap circuit breakers are used to route the electrical power within the eight-story Myers Tower Building. Three branches of emergency power and increased capacity power systems were provided in several of the buildings.

The last phase of work connected the generator plant to the utility power system, enabling the Owner to contract with Indianapolis Power and Light Company for peak shaving load displacement savings. The overall project was implemented in phases between 1995 and 2001, and exceeded $5,000,000 in construction cost.

Owner: Health and Hospital Corporation, Marion County, Indiana

Engineer: Sims-Durkin & Associates Engineering Co.

Contractor: Ermco Electric

Services by Sims-Durkin: Project Management, Feasibility Study,
                                   Electrical and Mechanical Engineering,
                                   Construction Administration.

Diesel Emergency Power Generator
Two KW Emergency Power Generator


Automatic Paralleling Switchgear

Automatic Paralleling Switchgear